MG Watson – Alabama


The MG Watson Chapter of the Chemical Corps Regimental Association (CCRA) was formed to bring together people that have a past connection to the US Army Chemical School while it was at Fort McClellan, AL.

Membership is comprised of Dragon Soldiers serving in the surrounding area, active and retired military personnel of all Services, and Government Service employees that continue to support the mission of the McClellan Chapter (now renamed MG Gerald Watson Chap).

The purposes of the Chapter are:

  • Foster appreciation of the history and tradition of the Chemical Corps
  • Provide a forum to maintain ties with former Chemical Corps members, members of all Services that support the CBRN Mission, and friends of the Chemical Corps
  • Provide presentations on historical and current CBRN events; along with presentations on activities that effect our community and the military
  • Conduct charitable, educational, and social programs.

Chapter President: John Clark