Scholarship Overview

Chemical Corps
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In an effort to appreciate our members and their families, the CCRA is sponsoring a scholarship program.  The application criteria are outlined below and the form can be downloaded from this page.  Please adhere to all deadlines in an effort to process the scholarships in a timely manner.  For more information, click the scholarship menu above.

Who is eligible?


TheSGM Paul Cockman Scholarship Program will award scholarships to spouses and children of CCRA members.

The term “children” in this program is defined as follows: natural, or legally adopted children, stepchildren and legal wards.


More than one family member may apply, however each applicant must submit an individual application and supporting documentation.


Applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll at accredited post secondary schools.  Children must be full-time students, spouses may be enrolled as part-time students.


Management of the program

All phases of the program are independently managed by Scholarship Managers (SM), a national, non-profit organization with extensive experience in the management of scholarship programs.


The Awards


The program will award non-renewable scholarships for full-time and part-time students.  The number, as well as the size of the scholarships may vary from year to year.

The students may be enrolled, or planning to enroll, in an accredited college or university in a program of undergraduate studies.  All schools must be accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education.


Important Note:

Contributions to the CCRA to support this program are welcome from corporations, individuals, and chapters under the rules and conditions established by the board of Governors. Contributing companies, individuals, and chapters will be identified in CCRA publications. The CCRA corporate contribution policy does not permit corporate or individual funds to be directed to any individual or region. The contribution policy is strictly enforced to maintain the highest ethical standards for contributors and recipients.

Announcements and Distribution of Awards

All applicants will be notified of their status on or about the beginning of May each year.  Recipients must notify SM of acceptance of the award within thirty (30) days of notification or the award will be forfeited.

SM will send the award checks to the students’ home addresses on or about the beginning of July each year.  The checks will be made payable to the college the student plans to attend.


Scholarships may be held for a reasonable period of time in the case of an approved leave of absence, or a serious illness or injury that interrupts studies.  Students must notify SM immediately should any of these, or other unusual circumstances, arise.


Application Procedure

Applicants must:

1.  Meet all of the qualifications described here.

2.  Complete and sign the application.

3.  Obtain a recommendation from a school official.

4.  Secure a transcript (an unofficial transcript will be accepted) or a copy of

     their grades.

5.  Mail the completed, signed application, the recommendation, and a

     transcript or copy of their grades to: 


The SGM Paul Cockman Scholarship Program
Scholarship Managers
PO Box 2810
Cherry Hill NJ 08034


All application materials must be mailed together in one envelope, and must be postmarked no later than March 1st.


Program Disclosures


1.  The CCRA reserves the right to change or discontinue this program

     without notice.


2.  Award recipients must notify SM of acceptance of the award within thirty

    (30) days of notification or the award will be forfeited.


3.  Applicants are solely responsible for returning the completed and signed

     application, a current transcript or copy of their grades, and a

     recommendation to SM postmarked no later than March 1st.


4.  Questions regarding the program may be directed to SM at the address

     shown to above.  Or, you may call (856) 616-9311, or email SM



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