Distinguished Members of the Corps

2015 Nominations

Chemical Corps
Regimental Association
Distinguished Members of the Corps Award Recipients
Nominations are being accepted for the Chemical corps Regimental Association (CCRA) Distinguished Member of the Corps Honors.


This award is exteneded to (living or deceased) members who served the corps in their professional lives and continue to serve it in theri personal lives.  Monimantions are limited to Military and Department of Defense civilians but they must have been retired from active duty or federal service (military and/or civilian) for two years.


For nomination criteria and submission requirements, click here.  Nomination packets should be sent to:



U.S. Army Chemical, Bilological, Radiological, and Nuclear School

Remimental Historian


Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8926


All packets must arrive before February 13th of the current year.   For more information call (573) 563-7339 or email christy.lindberg@us.army.mil.

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Click here to read the regulation covering the policies and proceures for the nomination, selection, and induction of personnel into the Chemical Corps Hall of Fame (HOF) and designation of the Distinguished Members of the Corps (DMC) and for the maintenance of records pertaining to these actions.